Brush Pad Information

Olson Curling offers a variety of different brush pads for 99% of curlers.
Our top options include:


Perform (#P4M) - Abrasive Nylon Fabric
Almost Legal (#GR8-L) - Less Abrasive Nylon / Waterproof Lined




*1,2 - Click underlined statements to read full release*

1) WCF statement (September 10, 2016): “The WCF recognises a great deal of previously compliant equipment, both new and slightly used, remains in the hands of manufacturers, retailers and individual curlers. It is neither reasonable or practical to expect this equipment should be immediately discarded in favour of equipment conforming to the pending specifications.”


2) Curling Canada Sweeping Moratorium on Brush Head Technology statement (in effect until April 30, 2018):  "While the moratorium does not extend to recreation play, club play, or bonspiels that are not part of the Canadian Team Ranking System, and while curling rinks in Canada have autonomy over their own fields of play, we suggest recreation players may use brush heads previously banned or built during the 2015-16 season (or earlier)."