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Olson's new Hexa Gripper features a revolutionary design that helps to increase air transfer, thereby reducing ice melt and on-ice gripper marks. Also, it is made out of a high quality Thermal Rubber, which is far superior in grip and durability to any other Gripper currently on the market.


Hexa Gripper Sizing

Ladies 5 - 5.5 = XSMALL

Ladies 6 - 7.5 = SMALL

Ladies 8 - 9.5 = MEDIUM

Ladies 10 = LARGE


Mens 7 - 8 = MEDIUM

Mens 8.5 - 10 = LARGE

Mens 10.5 - 12 = XLARGE

Mens 13 - 14 = XXLARGE


Please Note: The New Hexa Grippers have been made to fit over the current Olson's shoe line (Ladies' Fly and Classic and Men's Ole and Classic), which are sized according to the Canadian and American Standard Curling Shoe Sizing.

If you are ordering the Hexa gripper for shoes from an earlier season, (ELEMENT, FX-300, TITAN, X-RIDE, STRATA, ATHENA, DIVA, BELLA, FIRE, BLAZE, ICE and HOT SCOTCH), you may want to size down as these shoes tended to run smaller.