Bali Blue Hexa Gripper

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Olson's Hexa Gripper features a revolutionary design that helps to increase air transfer, thereby reducing ice melt and on-ice gripper marks. Also, it is made out of a high quality Thermal Rubber, which is far superior in grip and durability to any other Gripper currently on the market.


Hexa Gripper Sizing

Ladies 5 - 6 = XSMALL

Ladies 6.5 - 8 = SMALL

Ladies 8.5 - 10 = MEDIUM


Mens 7 - 8.5 = MEDIUM

Mens 9 - 10.5 = LARGE

Mens 11 - 12 = XLARGE

Mens 13 - 14 = XXLARGE


Please Note: The New Hexa Grippers have been made to fit over the current Olson's shoe line (Jack and Jill NeoSport & ReVive, as well as Ladies Fly & Classic and Men's Ole & Classic), which are sized according to the Canadian and American Standard Curling Shoe Sizing.

If you are ordering the Hexa gripper for shoes from an earlier season, (ELEMENT, FX-300, TITAN, X-RIDE, STRATA, ATHENA, DIVA, BELLA, FIRE, BLAZE, ICE and HOT SCOTCH), you may want to size down as these shoes tended to run smaller