ReactorX Flatshaft Isogrid

Olson Curling
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The Secret is in the Grid!

Inner Carbon Fiber Grid Reinforces & Strengthens the Ultra-Thin Shaft.

Olson's ReactorX  features an Isogrid handle.  IsoGrid is the next generation of composite technology. The Isogrid technology incorporates a "grid" of integrally raised composite ribs that permit the wall thickness of conventional composite products to be made thinner, thereby reducing weight.  The technology allows for the design of high-performance composite tubular parts that are light, strong, stiff and possess unique damping qualities. 

Weightlessness, Strength & Stability...

The Isogrid technology makes the handle 20% lighter than Carbon Fiber!

Broom features an adjustable swivel tension head, a black shell.  It comes in 7 unique color choices with embedded graphics and comes complete with the GR8 pad. The shell on the ReactorX's has been universally streamlined to now fit the majority of oval brush heads available on the market.


Reactor X Flat Shaft Isogrid Handles


Handle Weight = 200 grams